Lightning is cool

Last night we had a CRAZY storm.   HUGE.   I've noticed when we get storms, they come out of nowhere, pour down gallons of water, and then leave within minutes.   The only evidence of a storm is steam coming off the street.   Every now and then they'll throw a little lightning, but usually, just rain.

Well, last night, we had a nice size storm that lasted many many hours and was also able to take out the electricity in the cul de sac that we live in.   We were in the middle of watching Fantastic Four, the good part too... ugh.   We had some candles and a flashlight that helped us get around the house with stubbing too many toes.

All in all, it was a lot of fun.   We enjoyed the light show; the lighting was striking like every 2 minutes.   I even saw one bolt that spread through the clouds like creepy fingers.   It was cool.   Luckily for the food in the fridge, the power came back sometime during the night while we were sleeping.   I just went food shopping the other day too.   Whew.   Crisis averted.   Anyway, for those of you that think I can't survive without electricty I say to you, "Still alive b*&$@#s!!! Ha!"   Juan out.

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