E3 is over, and I want an XBOX 360!

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco
XBox Elite

When the next-gen consoles came out years ago, I knew I was going to get a Nintendo Wii, then Revolution.   Nintendo is a staple in my home, it was the other two I was stuck on.   Should I get a Xbox 360 or the PS3?   At first I was totally into the PS3 mainly because of the Blu-ray drive (HD-DVD is crap, I called it years ago.), but the 360 was released earlier than the PS3 and had a bunch of great games.   So for the past couple of years, I've been torn.

E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo, has come and gone.   Lots of cool stuff is coming out for both systems, video streaming, Final Fantasy XIII, and much more.   Most importantly, to me anyway, is FF XIII and the video streaming.   We have a Netflix account that allow us to watch movies online, but I don't have my PC hooked up to a TV or a sound system, so I really don't use it.   Well, Netflix announced that they will stream these movies to the Xbox!   That is a seriously cool deal.   On top of the already cool fact that the Xbox will act as a media pc for my home theater, now it will play videos "on-demand!"

I think I made up my mind.   The PS3 is a sweet machine, but for me, I think I will have to go to the dark side and pick up an xbox 360.   Also, to match my current system, I think I am going with the black 360.   Hmm, the Xbox Elite is the only block console...   at $450!   Wow, well I guess I should start saving up...