Zune Software: FAIL.

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

When I bought my Zune, it was after careful research and investigation that I decided to purchase one.   I knew it was a device with huge dreams of being the number one portable media player.   I knew that the path to that dream was long and dangerous.   But I bought one anyway.   I did it because I thought it had the potential and the drive.

I was wrong.

[Zune Video Playback Issues][2]
Zune Video Playback Issues

A recent update on the Zune software for my computer has caused some incompatibility with my hardware.   I download a lot of video podcasts, and I have a few of my DVDs on my Zune as well.   Before the update, they played beautifully.   After the update, well I'll just say I am now in the 1970's - jagged lines everywhere.   Vertical lines across the video and green pixel artifacts at the edge of the video too, overall lowering the quality of the video, not to mention annoying as heck.

The video file plays fine on different software on my computer.   It plays fine on the Zune itself.   It plays fine on my other computer.   I know it's a hardware issue, but if my computer can play the video fine with different software, then the Zune software is wrong.

I had issues when I first bought it months ago.   It would restart at random times while I played music.   I was THIS close to returning it.   I called Microsoft and they said a software update was coming that would fix it.   I gambled with my return policy and stuck with it until the update.   I gambled right; the update fixed the issue and times were good again.

Now when I want to watch a podcast on my computer I have to watch it in such a horribly low quality that I am discouraged of watching the video at all.

Microsoft promised me a fix last time and they delivered.   To be fair, I will call them up again and see if they have any fix this time.   If not, I bought the warranty for it and I plan on using it.   Ugh.   I hate being in this position.   I. Do. Not. Want. To. Buy. An. IPod... EVER. But I'm a sucker for gadgets and I have to give in.

If only Microsoft would put out a simple version to the software.   I don't care about the "enhanced graphics."   I hate to admit it, but why can't it be a bit cleaner like the iTunes software?

Microsoft...   Zune software = fail.