Game Boy DSi announced!

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco
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Game Boy DSi

I was browsing my feeds before I hit the hay and I see in big bright letters, "Nintendo Announces Nintendo DSi!"

I've been following the Nintendo forums and blogs, many of them full of rumors and talk over a redesign/update to the DS.   The DS Fanboy blog is full of great info and they just dropped this bomb a few hours ago.

There is a conference in Japan this week where Nintendo is releasing this info to the public, called Nintendo Media Summit.   DS Fanboy was invited to the event and posted today's events.   IGN is also on hand at the event, and were live blogging the conference.

My favorite feature is the enhanced displays; three and a quarter inches of video game love!   The new DS also sports TWO digital cameras (external and internal), SD slot, on-board memory, and much much more!   Oh yeah, the new DS doesn't have a GBA slot, so no more Game Boy Advanced games.   Good thing I still have my SP!

Price point sounds like it will be about $180 this November (in Japan...).   I can't wait to trade my DS in for this bad boy. Hmm. Sounds like a new addition to my wishlist!

Another great update from the summit is actually for the Wii.   The Wii will soon be able to load software directly from the SD card.   The down side: maximum memory for the SD slot is 2 GBs.

Keep an eye on DS Fanboy, Wii Fanboy, and IGN for more info!   Also, check out the Japanese site for the DSi!