Quickie Post, My Favorite WebComics

I have a ton of posts that I work on a little at a time.   Some of my posts I do in one sitting if I am motivated enough.   This week has been very busy and I feel a little burned out.   Two things usually cheer me up when I feel burned out.   Video games and comics.

I've been earning stars on all the cups in Mario Kart recently, but I don't feel like playing that right now.   I might log in to WoW, but then I realized I haven't read my webcomics today!   I figured I should write a post on my favorite webcomics.   It's filler material, but oh well, everyone should read webcomics!

I've mentioned some of these in the past a few times.   Here's a list of my must reads:

VG cats was one of the first comics I started reading and I think I have a connection to it because the artist uses cats as his main characters.   I like cats.   He also does Super-effective which is based on the original Pokemon game and is freaking hilarious, but definitely not for kids!

The first strip I read of Real Life reminded me of Ciri and me.   It was so funny, I had to go back and read the archives.   I've been reading it ever since.

The rest of the comics are just as funny and artistic, I even have some strips as my desktop because they are very meaningful or just outright hilarious.

I used to read a lot more, but they either lost their appeal to me or just weren't interesting in the first place.

Well, now that I'm done with this, I am off to finish some chores around here.


Lich King is out… *Drools*

Lich King
Lich King

Here I am, sitting at my computer again, virtual-window shopping.   I'm staring at the new expansion for World of Warcraft like some little kid hoping that an onlooker will feel bad for me and buy it for me.   Damn online shopping...

Seriously, I would like to get my hands on a copy, but I am in no hurry.   I play the game for the story and the adventure - which is a nice way of saying I am not level 70 yet.   I started playing around April of last year and my main character, Odium, is currently at level 47.   I have two or three characters in the mid thirties as well, but none of them are as fun, to me, as my Rogue (hence, RogueDad.   Sneaky sneaky).   I would be level 70 by now, but I have other commitments in life, that and I am slow...

So because I am such a low level, I can't take part in much of the new content.   Although, the recent patch introduced enough content and features to keep me happy.

Just out of curiosity, though, I logged in last night to see how the world was doing and I was really hoping to catch my first glimpse at the new class, the Death Knights.   I got on the zeppelin to Kalimdor and there's a crazy lookin' blood elf on her mount standing at the front, all dressed in black.   "Gasp" and "Rawr!"   Death Knights are awe-some (especially female blood elves)!

The new patch and expansion introduced some new elements to the storyline as well as tons of other cool stuff, so I am really excited to see how this whole "war against the Burning Legion" turns out.   Until I reach level 70 and our finances pick up again, Wrath of the Lich King will have to wait.   That is, unless, someone would like to sponsor me... 😉