Quickie Post, My Favorite WebComics

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

I have a ton of posts that I work on a little at a time.   Some of my posts I do in one sitting if I am motivated enough.   This week has been very busy and I feel a little burned out.   Two things usually cheer me up when I feel burned out.   Video games and comics.

I've been earning stars on all the cups in Mario Kart recently, but I don't feel like playing that right now.   I might log in to WoW, but then I realized I haven't read my webcomics today!   I figured I should write a post on my favorite webcomics.   It's filler material, but oh well, everyone should read webcomics!

I've mentioned some of these in the past a few times.   Here's a list of my must reads:

VG cats was one of the first comics I started reading and I think I have a connection to it because the artist uses cats as his main characters.   I like cats.   He also does Super-effective which is based on the original Pokemon game and is freaking hilarious, but definitely not for kids!

The first strip I read of Real Life reminded me of Ciri and me.   It was so funny, I had to go back and read the archives.   I've been reading it ever since.

The rest of the comics are just as funny and artistic, I even have some strips as my desktop because they are very meaningful or just outright hilarious.

I used to read a lot more, but they either lost their appeal to me or just weren't interesting in the first place.

Well, now that I'm done with this, I am off to finish some chores around here.