Remembering Mutant League Football


I've never been a sports guy.   It just never appealled to me, I guess.   I enjoy soccer, but only during the World Cup.   I never really played the sports video games for the same reason.   Except for a select few.

When we were kids, Bobby and I would play the wacky sports games like NBA Jam or Mutant League Football.   The realistic games that had names and stats based on real players and data, didn't appeal to us.   In NBA Jam we didn't care what team we picked as long as it had the best stats.

Mutant League Football, now that was a game we could get behind.   Monsters, explosions, cheating, wild sound effects and music   - and it wasn't based on any real team or player.   This game was made for us!

I was just thinking about sports games in general the other day and MLF came to mind.   Right away memories of players fumbling the ball after being killed by the opposite team filled my little mind.   It's been a while since I played it and I wondered if it had been released as a compilation by EA or something.   Well, apparently, they did.   For the PSP.   Which I don't have.   Yay.

Thank goodness for roms!   I mean...   Roms are bad, kids.

EA, please re-release Mutant League Football for the Wii (the PS3 and 360 too, I just don't have one, so...) with online support, man.   In an age where fresh ideas are hard to come by and every entertainment medium is dipping into the vault for some much needed cash cows, Mutant League Football desires to be free.   Pretty please?

Or do me one better, Mutant League Football 2!   Updated graphics, a storyline - the woyks.   And include the original game as an unlockable bonus, too.   Ok, you guys get right on that.

Anyway, here's some gameplay in case you never had the pleasure:


New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer! Squeee!


You all know I am a BIG FF fan.   I want FFXIII NOW!   Sigh.   Until the game comes out, I'm stuck drooling over whatever teaser video the big S can give me.   Like the one they just released.   Can't embed the video so follow the link to SquareEnix's FFXIII site.

I also want to say that the franchise has come a long way.   In game battles are *awesome*

P.S. The link above was really choppy on my computer, but this one isn't for some reason.   Although, it doesn't have subtitles in it.