Why I won’t upgrade my Windows 7 Starter

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco
Flickr: Andrew Mason
It's all over the place. Windows 7 Starter sucks; Windows 7 Starter is a joke; Windows 7 Starter is worthless - I could go on. I actually like Windows 7 as a whole, but Starter, the version packed with many newer netbooks, is needlessly stripped down.

At first I thought, well, this is a netbook, maybe it does need to be stripped down. After trying out Ubuntu Netbook Remix I realized that W7S can get away with a few extra items and still run efficiently.

First of all, what is up with those "homegroups?" It sure as heck doesn't play nice with other Windows Xp machines on the network. Second, why can't I customize my desktop? If I slow down my computer with heavy images, shouldn't that be my choice? Third, and probably most annoying, no user switching? Come on. I'm editing web layouts, writing this post, and my wife is logged in with a few windows open as well and with little to no slow down on Ubuntu.

This was my first experience with Win 7 and I will upgrade my other PC's eventually - I really enjoyed the newer features and enhancements. But my little Eee is going all Ubuntu, all the time.