Eighties Action Hero: The Video Game

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

I've had an idea and in light of this years E3, I thought I would share it.

Think Street Fighter 2.  Only, instead of Ryu, Blanka, and M. Bison you got Rambo, John McClane, James Bond, Rocky, Danial LaRusso, pretty much all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's characters, heck, maybe even som Johnny Five!  That's right, an 80's Action Hero fighter!

Can you imagine it? Can you really begin to understand the epicness of this? Each character with their own special moves, taunts, and finishing moves. Of course, the bad guys would also be playable - I mean, what's a hero without his villain?  Online versus, co-op, and story modes.

Create your own 80's action hero. Once you've finalized your action hero's design, the game creates a coordinating villain.  Boom, start your own 80's action movie story line. The game AI will put story elements together based on the design and stats of your hero.

Once you and your hero avatar are ready, head online and face your friends via online play or see just how action-y he really is in Survival mode.

The special moves will be the hallmark of the game.  For example, the special moves for John McClane would be this barrage of of punches and, depending on the stage, he would grab random objects around him and kill his enemies with it. Like an icicle to the eye, for example.

If Jonny Five was low on health, but was able to pound out a finishing move, he would fire a hugantic blast from his laser while yelling, "No disassemble Jonny Five!!!" Ok, I took some creative license with that one, but you get it.

Rambo would be easy, he just blows you up with grenade-arrows from his bow. Or he would fade into the background - again, depending on the stage - and then reemerge to kill you in a stealthy manner or with some jerry-rigged trap.

Of course, The Karate Kid would finish his enemies with a carefully executed Swan kick technique. That made me think of Johnny and his finishing move: sweeping the leg - you gotta have Johnny sweeping the leg.

It's your basic fighter, but designed like Smash Brothers - easy enough to pick up, but detailed and deep enough for pro's.

Oh! The tagline? Master the art of blowing crap up.

Yes.  Capcom, call me.