The camera I’ve been waiting for: Holga D

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

My first experience with toy cameras was actually not a toy at all, but an emulation of the era. Hipstamatic for the iphone is one of my favorite apps on the handheld.

After falling in love with Hipstamatic, I read up on toy cameras and the original Hipstamatic and Holga cameras.  I enjoyed looking up the art people created over the years and if film wasn't so annoying to develop these days, I would have bought one on eBay for myself.

The Holga D sounds like just an idea right now but the designer, Saikat Biswas, seems to be getting an immense amount of positive feedback.  He's got some wondrous plans for his design, including an open source manufacturing. Not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds exciting.

The camera itself is simple. No preview screen, no flash, fixed lens, one f-stop, and a whole lot less.  On the other hand, you can select image ratios, color or black and white, shutter speed, and ISO. Manual focus as well.  It's all you need - if you're into that kind of photography anyway.  I think it's beautiful - can't wait.

Holga D - Holga Digtal Camera - Saikat Biswas.