Addicted to Splode

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

The other day Splode went free and I downloaded it without the usual research I do on games. I wasnt dissapointed. I dont think I would have paid for it, but its still a lot of fun - and beautiful!

It loads into a greyscale nighttime scene. The goal of each level is to pop "splodes," which cause any surrounding Splode to, um, 'splode. These chain reactions need to, er, 'slode enough Splodes to meet the requirements for that level. As you rack up, uh, 'sploded splodes, the scenery begins to gain color; flowers bloom and trees grow. Beating the level gets you a nice visual reward. It's a cool twist on these style of games.

I'm currently stuck on level 53- I think it's 53... I'm stuck in the 50's somewhere. My daughter has helped me a few times by "popping the bubbles" and she's not half bad.

The gameplay is really simple but the artwork is pleasing to look at.  As it exists now, it's a good free game.  I can't believe people paid 99 cents, or event 2 dollars for this, it's great, but not that great.  The developer says new stuff is coming, either way, I'm really having fun.