Picasa, Make and do stuff with your photos.

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

Obviously, and I called this one, the post-a-day thing did not work. Post  a week is still good to go, though.

I was reorganizing my photos in Picasa and I started editing some older shots I took. I wanted to see if Picasa could do some sort of HDR. Even a feux-HDR. My research took me to the collage button, a button I have long ignored.  Although my results with the semi-HDR workaround was a let down, the collage option itself piqued my curiosity.

I'm always looking for ways to use my photos - it's a shame to take so many photographs and just have them sit in a hard drive.

I group my photos by month and year and sometimes by topic.  I grabbed a random month, remove some photos I didn't care for and changed the positioning of certain photos that I wanted to give more emphasis to.  That's the hard part, afterwards I let Picasa run it's rendering process. Now that it's complete, I can do a lot of stuff with it.  I can send it in to my local Ritz camera for pickup. I can upload to Facebook, email to friends, or even post it to my site, like so:

Nothing crazy, just fun to look at.  I'll probably get a little four by six printed and start a mini album - a page for every month.

As for the Make-a-week concept, I will eventually "make" something rather than "create" something.  I think this week will be the week. Stay tuned.