Quicky Note – I made a webapp!

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

A few weeks ago I wrote down some notes on a Post-it note at my desk. When I got up, I stuck the notes to my phone so I wouldn't forget to take them with me.  I use Evernote extensively, so I felt a little silly when i went to pick up my phone.  But then i actually gave it some though, why didn't I type my note into Evernote, or some other note taking app on my phone?  The answer came quickly, because they are just to darn slow!

When you have an idea or a simple thought that needs to be written down quickly, you instinctively go for pen and paper. It doesn't crash, it doesn't take forever to load, and it's cross browser compliant.  The only problem with my situation is that I WANT to be paperless. The battle between paper and virtual notes breaks down to the "solution" aspect. Which is the better solution to a problem.  For the reasons I listed earlier, paper will always win. But paper degrades or gets lost easier than virtual notes do, so, which is it?

As much as I would love to change the world with that world, I believe that I can only change my own workflow.  I sat down and (on paper) began to create a flow diagram of what I wanted in a note taking app.  A few days later, I was writing code. About a week later, I'm using it and cleaning out bugs on a daily basis.  In my own flow, "Quicky Note" has worked really well.  I still have some things to work past, especially the overall design, before I can recommend it to friends or even random people for that matter.

That said, it's open for anyone to try, click login, scroll down a bit (perfect example of what I need to fix) and register.  You can't remove your account and there isn't a password recovery option, so make sure your careful if you use it.

I don't want to replace Evernote (nor do i think it ever could), I just wanted something a bit faster and simpler for creating a short note.  First on my list of To Do's is to clean up the design, then immediately add a "Sharing" option. In here, it will send the note to Evernote, or many other services.

So, that's what I've been making this past few weeks.  Next up? Who knows.