Are all those options on newer cars needed?

STSCPanel I love this image of the Space Shuttle's cockpit.  So many controls and screens.

It reminds of newer cars though, and not in a good way.  On the shuttle, the plethora of controls makes sense. 

My first car didn’t have a digital radio – I installed one afterwards.  The A/C had those slider switches.  Now, A/C controls have many variations, multiplied by the number of passengers – since they all have their own environment controls.

Cars are getting closer and closer to the complexity of a space craft. Instead of making them simpler and smarter, we're making them more reliant on our feedback. The logical progression isn't more options of high techy-ness, but towards autonomy.


Late hours on the computer

When I wake up early to get a jump on work, one of my favorite moments is when my monitor’s brightness changes as the sun comes up. 

I have F.Lux installed because I do a lot of stuff either really late or really early.  When F.Lux brightens my screen in the morning, it’s almost like a happy cup of coffee; like watching the sun come up but not knowing you were waiting for it. 


$120 part… In the palm of your hand.


It could have cost me $210 installed. Man, I'm glad my dad taught me about repairing my own car.