My harvest

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

As Ciri, the kiddos, and I continue on this path of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, I am reminded now more than ever about what Thanksgiving was and what it has changed in to.

This year has proven difficult yet the harvest of our hard work has been plentiful and nourishing. Between doing what I love with friends that I care about and living a beautiful life with some of the coolest people on the planet, its hard to find something to NOT be thankful for.

The years have been rough and stormy and I could sit here and write about all of the harsh moments that could have been better. In truth, the near future looks promising and THAT is what is important. Hard work and hard decisions bring the largest and most bountiful harvest.

Surrounding yourself with people that are supportive, respectful, understanding, and humorous doesn't hurt either. Sometimes, hard decisions and hard work sucks, but they're mere presence helps make it easier.

I'm thankful for my family and friends. I'm also thankful that my hard work returned a great year with my family and friends.