Commitment Day 5k – Completed

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

January 1st 5k. I hit the new year running... literally. The Commitment Day run was number one of the six committed 5k's for this year.

Run/walked the 5 kilos in about 36:39.9 minutes (I started the timer late, but ended it late as well.) This run was great. It was a beautiful run through downtown (I love the rain) and it really set the tone for me. Five kilometers isn't a big deal, really. But the commitment of actually going out of my comfort zone and doing them is the important part. Most of the remaining six runs will be mud/obstacle runs - these tend to be funner and more exciting. 🙂

The following field notes were typed into my phone after the race. I tried to remember my thoughts in order...

Field Notes:

Cold, wet morning. Parked at Dan Allen deck thinking parking near start line would be impossible. Parking AFTER the start line was indeed packed. Parking before the start line was abundant. Met Dan, old coworker and good friend. He's in better shape than I am - he visits the gym regularly. Brought a water-proofish jacket. Bad idea... it's too thick. Checked in at booth and picked up bib. No timing chip. 🙁 A lot of people of different age ranges. Seeing lots of pre teens which makes me envious. I can't wait to run one of these with the kiddos when they're older.  Meandering over to the start line. Being told to get BEHIND the start line.  Probably a good idea. Started and Dan is a good deal faster than I am. Should have brought headphones. I brought my olloclip thinking we were going to be doing more walking than running (another friend of ours bailed out at the last minute... -__- ). Instead, it is weighing my jacket down.  Raleigh police officers are watching traffic at intersections. Saying good morning to as many as I can. I imagine they would rather be doing other things.  The route has changed; we are heading to city hall? I think.  Taking photos of interesting things. Uploading to flickr when possible.  Trying to pick out people in the crowd and race in secret with them. Most of them are winning. Sprinted the last leg. Finished in about 36.5 minutes. Not bad for me. Sprinting hurt, though. Heading home. Rain is going to get worse.

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