The Ninja Challenge Obstacle 5k – Scheduled

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

You can't say you're a ninja until you complete this 5k obstacle/mud run.  I did two mud runs last year, this one and Rugged Maniac.  Both were difficult in their own way, but the Ninja run required WAY more upper body strength - of which I had NONE.  I had failed two of the obstacles because of my lack of ninja-ness.  To my credit, though, I was the only one (in our little group) that was able to scale the wall jump (my upper body strength has a huganticly slow casting speed and an even longer cool-down).

This year will be different. I've been working out the upper body and I've lost a lot of weight. This year, Juan becomes a certified Ninja.

The ninja run is in Fuquay-Varina - a short drive from my place.

Last year's track was perilous (mud climb was almost impossible, water run was weird, and one of the wall scale was broken) for the later heats. We intend on taking an earlier heat to take advantage of a fresh track.

We're hoping to get a large-ish group this  year.  Aside from the Hero Run, I think this is going to be the toughest obstacle run this year. Running with a bigger group means more yelling encouragement and more help.

I'm excited. May 18th.  This should be four of my six committed 5K's.


Lots of arm and core exercises.

Run/walk... over 20 obstacles, though.