Iterations of life

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

Wright Memorial - Kitty Hawk, NC

I'm infatuated with the concept of iteration. As a creator of web things, I am no stranger to the concept. But as a member of society, father, husband, friend, and more; I've noticed more and more useful applications for iteration in all aspects of life outside of work.

As far as Creative and Flow goes, I've had goals and ideas and dreams for so long but with zero follow through. I wanted to make a web magazine on creativity in life but quickly realized how mentally taxing writing is. Coupled with trying to render this writing in a marketable way - it was too much. So I procrastinated and put off and, eventually, set it aside.

I would come back to Creative and Flow infrequently and post an article here or there. I would update the site to a different CMS. Sometimes I would even change the theme. Every time, hoping that the change itself was enough to spark some inspiration or jump start the drive to be consistent with the site.


I fought with myself. On the one hand, I thought that I should just make it my "personal blog". On the other hand I had my goals of making my own successful web magazine! Ugh. The internal war continued for a time.

I imagine this isn't uncommon. We hold off on doing something because we want it to happen a specific way, all the while, never actually doing the thing and losing out on both experiences all together.

When I realized I was doing this, I decided it was time to give up on the start-my-own-magazine dream. It sounds harsh but being dishonest about what you're capable of is harsher. Besides, I'm not giving up on writing a magazine at all; it's still on my bucket list.

I've learned over the past few years that creating small goals that build up to an over arching goal yields a higher success rate. Using this space for writing in order to build discipline as well as improving my writing are great first steps.

We're making big changes in our lifestyle over the next few years and I'd like to chronicle a lot of those changes. I run into problems at times and writing helps me figure out how I feel about the pending decision which is extremely helpful in making a better decision. Other times, something will tickle my fancy and I just have to share it. These ideas have all been skipped because of my apprehension over the use of this space.

No more.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts. I've got this.

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We visisted the Wright memorial on October of 2014 and it was one of the more beautiful places I've been to. We stood on the ground where the first flights took place. We walked among the tools and elements the Wright brothers created because of their passion for flight.

I used this image because it reminded of how the brothers iterated their designs and their approaches to the problems they faced. Since the day the Wright flyer left the earth, humanity has never stopped iterating on the brothers' experiments.