Wolf Blood Moon

Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

In the past ten years, we've seen three total lunar eclipses where 'round these parts. Every time, though, circumstances prevented us from seeing it - clouds, really effing late hours, etc. This, year, though, we had a clear night and it wasn't too late in the evening.

The kiddos were weirded out by how lifeless the moon looked. In fact, it took them a solid moment to actually *find* the moon in the sky. Unfortunately, none of the kids seem to share my love for the wonder of our universe. At best, they find it mildly interesting. They did wake up at midnight just to see the eclipse but they came and went after a few minutes.

I can work with that, though. The fact that they got out of bed... that's something. 🙂

I used my Sony A6000 with the kit 200mm zoom lens. I would have preferred to use the Sony A7, it's full frame sensor would have let me capture the same photos with less noise. The 200mm lens I have for it doesn't seem to focus properly; it needs repair. Oh well. I like what I got from my cropped sensor camera, though.

We decided, though, that we need a telescope. And I need a 600mm prime. 😀