Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

Last year, we found out that Timber, our family dog, had cancer. We decided to give him a good death and after he was gone, the family had a hole.

So, what does my bleeding heart of a wife do? She gets *two* puppies to fill that hole.

They've been great. We've all learned a lot about ourselves and about caring for animals. Timber came to us a trained (ish) adult. So, two puppies were a huge shift of our day-to-day.

One such shift is learning not to leave important things in the yard unattended for too long.

There is a wiring harness that comes out of the steel tubing for the lights. The dogs chewed through the harness at the worst possible location, right as the wires come out of the metal hole. Now I have to fix the wiring harness on my utility trailer before I can use it again.

Dogs are great. Raising children has been a difficult but rewarding journey. Raising puppies is similar. I would only recommend either if you truly understand that there will be heartache and anger. There will be twice as much love and laughter, too, though.