Juan Orozco
Juan Orozco

Field Notes make some amazing notebooks. My favorite, to this day, is the Shelterwood from the Field Notes quarterly subscription. A pocket sized notebook wrapped in a super thin vineer of cherry wood - just beautiful.

Unfortunately, they're just too small for planning and daily use - at least for me. To try to understand why, I experiemented with the opposite side of the spectrum. I started using an extra large size Moleskine cahier to see what my experience was with more real estate.

I realized two things. 1) Turning pages back and forth, searching for things, is a waste of time. Page turning reduces task momentum. I sorta follow the bullet journal framework so I like to see as much of my day and week as possible. And 2, my daily notebook needs to be portable and "deskable" (basically, it needs to be easy to carry and can also comfortably share a desk with my keyboard and mouse and coffee).

Evernote Moleskine Notebook

I don't have any shortage of notebooks at home and I quickly found an unfinished Evernote Moleskine I've had for years. In fact, I started writing in it in 2012.

For the past month, this size has been great. Still wish it was slightly smaller but I think I'm going to try a soft cover next to see if that helps make it more portable.

Field Notes are still great notebooks. I find that I still carry them when I'm working in the yard or generally just out and about - it's really easy to use my Spacepen and take down a few notes. I can then "inbox" my small notebook into my main notebook. But I don't use it for journaling anymore.