A Now page, based on the Derek Sivers Now page


Last updated: May 4th, 2020.

  • Front End Engineer at Aquilio: We are continuing to work through a pivot due to covid-19 challenges. I'm really proud of the team this last few weeks. We've really pulled together to make sure the company makes it through the current crisis.
  • COVID-19: We are extremely blessed. We are all healthy, I can still work, and I can, therefore, continue paying my bills. We're doing our best to support local businesses and to help where we can and encouraging others to consider the effects of returning to pre-covid life. Please, stay home as much as possible.
  • Investing: I recently became interested in the stock market. I quickly learned that it takes a LOT of research to manage a portfolio. I want to read a few books about this but I think I learned all that I care to. Basically, for me, a Roth IRA with some automatic investments is perfectly fine and that's where I think I'm going to leave that.
  • Family D&D: My oldest has been wanting to get into D&D. I played it a few times but I've never DM'd. Luckily, Wizards makes a nice beginner's box that has pretty much everything we needed to start our campaign. I'm just soaking up everything I can about delivering a good experience as a new DM. I think it's going well so far. :)
  • Pokemon TCG: We've also picked up Pokemon cards again. Games have been a huge survival tool for us while the kid's normal activities have been canceled. I'm trying to convince them to take it online with the Pokemon TCG app but there's something about having those cards in your hand. I can't disagree with them. :)