A Now page, based on the Derek Sivers Now page


Last updated: September 16th, 2019.

  • Front End Engineer at Cisco in RTP We have a huge opportunity for being more "User First" in how we approach everything we do. That's been my call to arms lately. For the Users!
  • First Lego League Coach My two oldest kiddos have shown interest in Lego robotics. The coworking space I have a desk at hosts a team so I signed up to coach this season. We're about hlaf way through the season - the kids are trying their best with the limited resources we have. This is more of a passion than something competitive - but maybe we'll shift to competitive-mode more next year.
  • Healthier me Stepping away from my run goals (pun sooo intended) and really just trying to focus on building a routine again. One day a week to start.
  • House Upgrades We have four main projects to do with our house, 1) fence, 2) flooring, 3) painting, and 4) landscaping. Fence and landscaping are good enough. Flooring upstairs is complete. Painting is about 15% complete. I recently built a "pony wall" to replace a wobly stair railing. Still need to prep it for painting but I'm pretty proud of it. I built a home wall! 😀
  • Current Consumption Back to Black Mirror on Netflix. Rewatched LotR with the boy. Need to journal that whole experience because it was so much fun talking about Tolkien lore. ❤️