Moleskine Thoughts

My MoleskinesMy first Moleskine was a sketchbook with the thick slightly yellowish pages.  I love that notebook, but I felt it was too nice for daily stuff.  Target has some of their Moleskines on clearence so I picked up a pocket lined and a regular lined notebook. I also pre-ordered Lego branded plain Moleskine when they were announced.  I realized something in the past month... Moleskine's paper quality sucks.

I've been using my Lego Moleskine for a month now - jotting ideas, keeping project notes, sketches, et al. I use a Pilot V5 pen and I borrowed a friends fountain pen too - both leak through the page enough that I can't use the back page.

My lined notebook from Target is slightly better, but not by much.

I don't get it.  This is what Picasso used?  I'm being sarcastic, I know the two products are not the same. Still, it's frustrating to find out that these wonderful notebook's use sub-par paper.  I'm bummed.  Partly because I love the form factor and the simplicity and the ubiquitousness of the notebooks.  But mostly because now I have to finish the notebook before I try something else.

This website has been helpful with researching my new future notebook.


Piece of junk.

Pushed my keyboard too far and it shut off my PC... forcing me to lose an hour of work. Who designs this stuff?!


Although I don’t agree with the author,…

Although I don't agree with the author's view, he makes some good points.

The Kung Fu Kid (and why it's OK the new movie isn't called that)