Hi, I'm Juan Orozco!

Wonderer, explorer, creator.

Wonderer, explorer, creator.

You can find me in the usual nerdy places. Twitter, Github, Codepen etc.. Just look me up as @guamaso.

Find out more on my about.me page or grab a PDF of my resume.


I am a web applications engineer working in Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally from Ventura, California, I carry the ocean in my soul; my style is laid back but passionate.

I'm a self proclaimed anthropologist, writer, and photographer. I make RL things as well as web things. I suppose if you need more I could also add husband, father, mild foodie, architecture appreciator, and tinkerer.

Put simply, though, I am a wonderer, explorer, and creator.


You can find me being social in the usual nerdy places. Twitter, Github, Codepen, Flickr. I try to stick to the handle @guamaso.


I also do a little bit of writing...


I try to keep my about.me page fairly current.

Grab a copy of my resume: PDF | HTML | Markdown