Challenge Coin Display

Just a quick post to explain the latest Flickr images.   The top secret gift for Ciri's party tomorrow is a Challenge Coin Display.   A custom display, that is.   Made by me.   That actually doesn't mean anything because without a keyboard and a mouse, my hands are worthless.

Challenge Coin Display
Challenge Coin Display

Ciriana has wanted a display for her coins for a long time, but they can get kind of expensive.   It only hit me this past weekend that it would be a great to create one for her.

I only found out about her party last week, so I ran out of time and what you see above is pretty much where I am at as of Wednesday night.   Both pieces have one coat of poly, and only two of the three shelves are ready to go.   Tomorrow morning I'll put the entire thing together except for the third shelf.

If you look at the flickr set, the template I printed out has Ciri's name and the Specialist logo on it.   I thought I would be able to take care of that tomorrow morning, but it doesn't sound like I'm going to have time to locate a Specialist patch and get the engraving done before the party.

I did get pretty far with the limited time I had and with the limited skills I possess.   At least Ciri will get to see it for the first time tomorrow morning, even though it is incomplete.   Either way, I can't wait to see her face!

I'll have a full write up on this tomorrow night.   Hopefully I'll finish up the last shelf and give it one more coat of poly over the weekend.

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