Two of my favorite activities when it comes to software engineering are code reviews and whiteboarding sessions.

Code reviews are insanely fun for me because of the high quality knowledge transfer. I am a visual learner so stepping through the code with someone is incredibly helpful.

Pairing. Before we start working on a solution, I really like to pair with people to narrow down an idea. Whether that's on a whiteboard or just a one on one chat. These conversations are great because, again, of knowledge transfer. Both parties can learn new ideas or better ways of solving a problem making for a very productive session.

Let's Pair

To that end, I want to try putting myself out there. I know code reviews and idea sharing usually come with concerns of intellectual property theft. I don't want to burden either of us with those concerns so reach out with that in mind.

I think we're all very sensitive to this, so I want to be as clear as I can: I don't want your idea. I don't want your code. I want to learn. I want to share. That's it.

If you want to try this experiment out, please let me know!!

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